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Have You Lost Your Mind: I DID

Memoir of an African-American Man

Jonathan Brooks, Author

From the classroom to the jail cell then back to the board room and all the nooks and crannies in between, I grew up in Baltimore, Maryland the youngest of four children to my parents. Life was normal until I finished my degree in Electrical Engineering from Morgan State University. Shortly after that I spiraled into a psychotic episode of a major mental illness. I ended up taking the life of a good friend, which landed me in an institution for the criminally insane facing being locked up forever.

But God was with me even without my permission. I was able to rise up out of that very dark place firmly walking in His grace. I completed certification as a peer specialist which allowed me to obtain a position with a non-profit. God’s favor continued when I completed my Master’s in Public Administration. In less than four years after discharge, I was able to return to that institution as a supervisor in Consumer Affairs.

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He That Winneth Souls is Wise

Mary Lewis, Author

When we marry, we often settle down with the intentions of having a permanent relationship with our spouse, so often not realizing that we do not know the heart of this person. Shortly after getting married, you begin to allow the guard of your heart you had when you were single to be let down, realizing that now the real personality of your mate has just been unfurled right in front of yours eyes. Only God knows the heart. During these times, test and trials shall surely come to try the very fiber of your marriage covenant vows. The enemy desires to sever the cords of your marriage through the things you least imagine. He studies you to break your bond. He That Winneth Souls Is Wise will give you insight into the marriage that is honorable with God – this marriage survival rate is higher than you think. 

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Who Can Find A

Virtuous Woman

{I Have}

Virginia Knight, Author

Virginia Knight is a native of Boston, Massachusetts. She is a former nurse and hairdresser, is a lover of family gatherings and going to church. All who knows her would agree that she is outgoing and fashionable. You will not see her without a bling or sparkle - at the least, you will find it in her smiles. She loves to feast spiritually and naturally with good company, prayer, singing, and laughter. Virginia Knight is a nurturing soul with a sense of humor who cares so much to the extent that you leave her presence feeling uplifted for Christ's sake.  

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The Journey of Two Hearts:

One Animal, One Human

Hartford Hough, Author

“Ginger: The Journey of Two Hearts One Animal, One Human” is the incredible true tale of one man’s 12 year journey with his beloved animal companion and how it transformed both of their lives. Told through a series of personal anecdotes, it chronicles their life together and how they affected the many people and animals that surrounded them. Inspirational, lighthearted and dramatics stories and adventures of the special bond that is formed between animals and humans, the book chronicles how valuable animals are in the life of mankind.

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Pandemic Chronicles by way of Poetry
Healing • Hope • Humor

Carol Owens Ford, Author

Carol Owens Ford creatively takes you on a journey through healing poetry. Without warning, the world has been turned upside down by a silent enemy that has shifted what we have deemed normal. The adversary, COVID-19, has called upon every emotion that mankind can experience, but you can find yourself within the pages of Pandemic Chronicles through poignant words that meet you where you are. Within these pages you will laugh, cry, ponder, be comforted, and be pulled deeper into your faith as you experience the relevancy of every poem. 

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A Journey Through Autism,

Bullying and Spiritual Warfare

Tabitha H. Wilson, PA-C., R.D., Author

Tabitha speaks out passionately with unbridled emotion about her raw and traumatic experience as she battles a prominent school system. While diligently fighting for the rights of her autistic son with behavior challenges and her daughter, a victim of bullying, the circumstances were dismal and complicated by spiritual warfare. Her plight deepened when her son's multiple reports of physical abuse at a renowned hospital were blatantly ignored. The intensity increased for this newly wed, after a work-related sexual assault resulted in unemployment. Just when she thought things couldn't get any worse, the COVID-19 pandemic hit too close to home. Through it all, God was her source and only hope. 

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The Year of Jubilee

Biblical Principles of 

Systemic Freedom

James Harris, Jr., Author

We go through life feeling pressured or trapped by situations and circumstances. Some of us buy things we did not even ask for. But God does not want His people to be slaves. He desires us to be freed by His principles and standards. If you want your life and others around you to be free, follow God’s principles. This book seeks to explain and apply an Old Testament principle called The Year of Jubilee. This event was set in place to create national freedom and fruitfulness. Even though this principle is not REQUIRED today, it can still be applied to our daily lives. It will take patience and dedication, but your resolve for freedom will carry you through. 

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